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Sunday, 26 March, - Friday, 5 May, 2023

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Facsimiles is an immersive audio-visual experience that delves into our complex relationship with nature. This art installation focuses on the veneration of natural motifs, such as oak leaves, shells, and flowers, which we often incorporate into the design of domestic objects like chairs and wardrobes. However, the creation of these prized objects comes at a cost: the destruction of the very natural world that inspires us.

Through the use of projection and other multimedia elements, Facsimiles brings to life the cyclical process that underlies our relationship with nature. The installation invites viewers to contemplate the paradoxical nature of our desire to imitate and conserve the natural world, even as we exploit and destroy it.

Facsimiles is an ongoing project and for this iteration we have had the pleasure to work alongside Ceri Pritchard, using his chair and music as inspiration for this piece.


Luke Augur

I specialise in 3D projection mapping and augmented sculpture. My practice and skill set mostly consist of designing and building physical models, planning spaces for projections and experimenting with various methods of using projected light as my main medium. Throughout my creative practice my biggest inspirations have been Es Devlin and Olafur Elliason.


Jacob Deakin

I have a strong focus on texture, process, and experimentation, with a particular interest in audio-reactive visuals and creating interactive and experiential designs through projection mapping and the use of both digital and analog methods. Another significant interest to me is typography, it allows me to customize my messaging and exercise creative control over ambiguity of my pieces. My two largest influences are Stefan Sagmeister and Chris Ashworth.
My work has been divided into two distinct sections: my role as creative head of Forms, building AR gallery experiences. Under the pseudonym of ‘Devils in the Details’ I have consistently been producing experimental design for music. I capture my work through zines, publications, and short films to provide structure and context. Alongside this, my interests in architecture, dance and poetry have directly supported the context and development of my projects. The method I mostly choose to capture and present my work through the production of short films for final outcomes.



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