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Christmas Open 2023

Friday, 10 November, - Sunday, 17 December, 2023 Visit or contact Mid Wales Arts to view more of the exhibition

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A must see exhibition!
We have had a fantastic response to this years Christmas Open call and have hung a wide range of artworks to suit all tastes and pockets.

The artwork can be bought and taken home on the same day - paintings, prints, ceramics, glassart, turned wood, sculptures….


Rolling Fields    £125
Bee Allwood
Rolling Fields £125
Alice    £450
Lizzie Andrews
Alice £450
Release    £850
Juliet Asher
Release £850
Silva Moon    £250
Jennie Ashmore
Silva Moon £250
Peace - Pax    £195
Tanjav Bolenz
Peace - Pax £195
Floe    £700
Richard Booth
Floe £700
Show Off   £85
Ruby Boswell-Green
Show Off £85
Homeward Bound    £295
Samantha Boulanger
Homeward Bound £295
Kingfisher with Fish   £140
Vaisey Bramley
Kingfisher with Fish £140
Light on the Water    £1350
Lucy Burden
Light on the Water £1350
Brook-Serenity IV   £350
Junko Burton
Brook-Serenity IV £350
West Wind Vessels    POA
Frances Carlile
West Wind Vessels POA
Silent Waters    £365
Bradley Carr
Silent Waters £365
Old Harbour, Aberdyfi    £595
Sandy Craig
Old Harbour, Aberdyfi £595
Autumn Touch    £270
Robert Crilly
Autumn Touch £270
Under Earthscape    £500
Gill Crozier
Under Earthscape £500
The Blanket    £495
Hilary Crowley-Greer
The Blanket £495
Wind Through the Hedge    £275
Lindsay Davies
Wind Through the Hedge £275
By Moonlight    £60
Glenda Davies
By Moonlight £60
Black Laquered Lined Vase   £165
Kim Davis
Black Laquered Lined Vase £165
Walking on the Moor    £250
Maggie Davis
Walking on the Moor £250
First Light  £175
Mo Denye
First Light £175
Unravelling   £250
Sophie Nicole Dodds
Unravelling £250
Running with the Herd    £350
Charlotte Durie
Running with the Herd £350
Contemplation   £95
Rasa Eggerton
Contemplation £95
Beatles Blackbird   £225
Stuart Evans
Beatles Blackbird £225
The Spoons   POA
Janet Farahar
The Spoons POA
The Scream    £1500
Rosemary Fahimi
The Scream £1500
Emyr   £390
Bob Fear
Emyr £390
Miscanthus    £90
Jenny Fell
Miscanthus £90
Venice    £140
Cacen Ffenest
Venice £140
Stoneware Jugs Series l
Alison Finnieston
Stoneware Jugs Series l
Helping Hand    £160
Katie Fitchett
Helping Hand £160
Little Egret, Llyn Coed y Dinas   £40
Kathleen Freeman
Little Egret, Llyn Coed y Dinas £40
Community    £550
Maggie Furmanek
Community £550
May Beauty    £295
Sarah Gillard
May Beauty £295
After the Rain   £500
Susan Harris Lieven
After the Rain £500
Fog Donkey    £360
Joanna Hart
Fog Donkey £360
3 Bowls and Lemon    £350
Erica Herbert
3 Bowls and Lemon £350
Curiosity Manx Loaghton Ram    £595
Paul Holmes
Curiosity Manx Loaghton Ram £595
Flat Funk Baroque #1    £710
Charlie Hurcombe
Flat Funk Baroque #1 £710
Through Rainbow Skies    £850
Linda Jane James
Through Rainbow Skies £850
Evolution    £295
Alan Jefferies
Evolution £295
Cwm Pennant   £250
Hilary Jones
Cwm Pennant £250
Derelict Former Residence of the First Minister of Greece   £330
Nigel Kerry
Derelict Former Residence of the First Minister of Greece £330
Rainbow    £320
Anita Kolaczynska
Rainbow £320
Over the Hedge    £500
Cheryl Leach
Over the Hedge £500
Wet Web    £90
Angela Lewis
Wet Web £90
 Obscured   £480
Christine Mannion
Obscured £480
Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Darkness    £190
Christine Matthews
Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Darkness £190
Mother and Child
Jo Mattox
Mother and Child
Night Sky above the Bay    £985
Janie McLeod
Night Sky above the Bay £985
Seed Pod   POA
Loraine Morley
Seed Pod POA
Wildwood in Winter, Ceredigion    £350
Greteli Morton
Wildwood in Winter, Ceredigion £350
There Has Only Ever Been Right Now    £100
Jeb Loy Nicols
There Has Only Ever Been Right Now £100
Winter Oak  £620
Roger Oakes
Winter Oak £620
Pulse    £1000
Sean O'Farrell
Pulse £1000
Down the Dingle    £160
Joy Orr
Down the Dingle £160
Wild Pond and Beyond    £350
Patrick Owen
Wild Pond and Beyond £350
View of St Tudwal’s Islands, Abersoch.
Richard Owen
View of St Tudwal’s Islands, Abersoch.
Fawnnuncation  £2000
Michael Paramore
Fawnnuncation £2000
Spring Hedge    £565
Sara Philpott
Spring Hedge £565
I Am Who I Am    £375
Jeanette Pomeroy
I Am Who I Am £375
MWA Pottery Studio
Untitled l
Chris Purdy
Untitled l
Two Crop Fields up the Lane    £700
Julie Price
Two Crop Fields up the Lane £700
Untitiled    £300
Jake Quinian
Untitiled £300
Hiraeth, Lynton Avenue Hallway
Scarlett Rebecca
Hiraeth, Lynton Avenue Hallway
Field    £350
Hilary Reed
Field £350
Light Through the Pines    £1900
Stuart Roper
Light Through the Pines £1900
Gorse on the Hillside    £105
Diane Rose
Gorse on the Hillside £105
Abstraction 3    £800
Eva Strautmann
Abstraction 3 £800
Julie Shackson
Broad Landscape   £550
John Smout
Broad Landscape £550
Spring Chorus    £450
Delia Taylor-Brook
Spring Chorus £450
Nurtured Nest    £180
Charlotte Tenneson
Nurtured Nest £180
Drovers Trail    £220
Steve Terris
Drovers Trail £220
Late Summer Arson    £1429
Mhairi Treharne
Late Summer Arson £1429
Angela Thorpe
Owen Thorpe
Obra Figures    £649
Alan Varker
Obra Figures £649
The Dancers  £125
Moira Vincentelli
The Dancers £125
The Shriek of Nightmares    £250 / £350
Gini Wade
The Shriek of Nightmares £250 / £350
Great Frigate Bird    £750
Martin Weatherhead
Great Frigate Bird £750
The Fleeing Tulip    £185
Joan West
The Fleeing Tulip £185
 (de) Composure ll £250 each / £700 set
Maralyn Weston
(de) Composure ll £250 each / £700 set
Cold Light    £600
Chris Williams
Cold Light £600
Solstice   £350
David Williams
Solstice £350
Turning a Corner    £300
Kevin Williams
Turning a Corner £300
Mid Wales Woodturners
Tir Du ll / Black Land ll    £260
Heulwen Wright
Tir Du ll / Black Land ll £260
Earth Awakening   £250
Maria Zervas
Earth Awakening £250
Views from a Far l    £150
Ezma Zhao
Views from a Far l £150
Tê Cymreig lll / Welsh Tea lll, 2024
Catrin Williams
Tê Cymreig lll / Welsh Tea lll, 2024
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