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Saturday, 19 November, 2022

Screen Printing workshop with Emma Aldridge and Jacqui Dodds

Spend the day with artists Emma Aldridge and Jacqui Dodds, founder members of Pushing the Boundaries group of artists, who exhibited at MWA earlier this year. Discover and experiment with screen printing using paper stencils.

During the day you will work with images that can be made using torn and cut newsprint to create multiple layers on small edition prints.

Students are asked to bring scaled images, no larger than A4 to work from ( we can supply if needed) and an apron.

You will create a master design to work from

• Select layers from the master for each colour and copy to newsprint , tear or cut the image

• Apply to the screen

• Learn how to accurately register your image

• Print using squeegees, wash and dry equipment and prints. Repeat to create a 3-4 colour image

Cut paper stencils can be used to create either tight technical or extremely free images depending on the methods of cutting you use.

This technique is particularly suitable for working at home as it avoids using photo emulsion for transferring your images to the screen and with practice can create sophisticated results. It also develops your cutting and knife skills.

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